Link Scanning Android App

Android app to scan links and websites for online threats quickly and efficiently.

LinkWall app
Anti phishing

Defend Phishing Attack

Advanced link scanner algorithm to keep your personal data safe from phishing attacks, website clones & insecure hyperlinks

QR Code scanner

QR Scanner Security

Random QR codes may contain malicious or harmful links. Scan every QR code using LinkWall to avoid hidden harmful links.

Image showing virus in website

link virus checker

Scan every email and social media links for malware, adware and other kind of virus threats, our real-time link scanning algorithm keeps you safe

Instant Warnings for harmful websites in real-time

SafeSurf scans every link on supported web browsers in the background, issuing real-time warnings if accidentally accessing any harmful webpages or websites

LinkWall Key Security Features

Explore LinkWall’s top security features for safe browsing

Accidental Click Protection

Immediate alert system when clicked on the insecure link by accident.

Real-time web scanning

Background scanning of every link you visit in real-time on supported browsers.

Website Content Analyzer

Analyzes the webpage content for any malicious activity #antiphishing

Enhanced Incognito Mode

Take control of your privacy with advanced privacy options like controlling the access of cache, database, images, storage etc in incognito mode.

Adult Content Detector

Avoid opening adult websites accidentally, we will let you know if the webpage has any adult material before opening the link.

Article Reader

Enjoy distraction and ad free reading experience, read or listen to any article without being distracted to countless ads or irrelevant on page content.

Favorite Links Manager

Never lose your favorite blog, social media post or other important links, store them in Favorites manager.

Domain Age Detector

Most scam domains are newly registered, our domain age detector help you identify the scam websites.

Redirects Detector

Our algorithm follows all link redirects to find the destination page and identify threats.

URL Shortener

Shrink any lengthy URL to short and easy to remember the link with a URL shortener.

Website Blocker

Block any unwanted websites/domains, get full-screen alert when you visit the blocked domain accidentally.

How LinkWall works?

Watch our LinkWall Trailer video to learn how you can get most of the LinkWall 🙂

Sweet Words From Users

What our Users Think of us?

Some of top rated reviews on our Google Play listing

Absolutely 💯 Gorgeously designed app Wow WOW 🍇🍎This is outstanding and unique. BEST WISHES This app will go far !

Misty Vershowski

Good Application For Data Protection From Illegal Sites. This Application Protect Us From Dangerous Link. Keep it Up Team 🙌✨

Ashish Bisht

I have been using this app since a year and it has been working fine. I have tested this app with a lot of malicious test links and it has detected everything and warned as unsecure. Thanks to the developers and team for making such an amazing app....

varun reddy

It is best,fast,easy and effective,with use simple interface anyone can be use easy so it is excellent and fantastic app thinks developers keep it up!

Jemal Ahmed Adem

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