Disable YouTube Shorts & Reels To Reclaim Your Time!

Android app to block and disable the YouTube shorts & reels to help you refocus and achieve your goals.

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Supported Short Video Platforms

Disable youtube shorts
Disable instagram reels
Disable facebook reels
Disable TikTok videos
Disable snapchat spotlights and stories

Quit Doomscrolling addiction and Regain Your Attention Span.

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Increase attention span

Disable YouTube Shorts, Instagram reels to avoid doomscrolling and significantly increase your attention span, enjoy improved focus and productivity.

Take control of your most valuable asset - TIME

Stop wasting hours doomscrolling shorts and reels addiction! NoScroll helps you reclaim your time for things that matter by blocking YouTube shorts and Instagram/Facebook reels instantly.

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Incredible Focus & Boost Productivity

No need to sacrifice your study material on YouTube or chatting with friends, NoScroll disable only shorts and reels. Hence, you can enjoy your favorite apps without getting distracted to useless shorts addiction.

Watch Smart, Avoid Infinite Scrolling

Control short video viewing with time limits. Be entertained, stay productive without getting addicted- it's your choice!

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Fewer Distractions, More Fun

Our success is when our customers get the chance to exceed their expectations. Check out the latest success stories.

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Key Features of NoScroll

Highly Customizable

Set daily watch time limits, disable, or block videos
as you need

Silent Blocking

Silently blocks short videos
and disables unwanted

Fast & Lightweight

Stop endless scrolling instantly with an easy and one-time setup

All Popular apps

Supports all popular short video platforms on native apps and on the web browsers

Frequently Asked Question

What is NoScroll?

NoScroll is an app that helps you regain control of your time and focus by blocking distracting short videos on platforms like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, tiktok, snapchat spotlight & stories and many more.

How does NoScroll work?

NoScroll uses accessibility features to detect if the user is doomscrolling the short videos. Depending on the configuration, NoScroll will force close the shorts video player immediately.

I have enabled NoScroll, but why am I still able to see short videos in the feed in supported apps?

NoScroll does not remove or hide short videos from your feed. Instead, it blocks the video from playing once clicked or disables the scrolling, depending on the configuration. However, it’s worth checking if you’re not on the Curious or Paused plan, as these plans allow you to watch short videos temporarily.

Why does the NoScroll accessibility service keep stopping?

Some device manufacturers, particularly those using MIUI OS like Xiaomi and Poco devices, restrict background app activity to save battery life or for some other reasons unknown to us. This can cause issues with NoScroll. To troubleshoot, follow the steps outlined in this video: How To Restart NoScroll Accessibility Service

Why did NoScroll suddenly stop working on my favorite app?

NoScroll may have stopped functioning on your favorite app due to changes in the app’s layout or view hierarchy in a recent update. As a temporary solution, consider downgrading your favorite video streaming app version until NoScroll starts blocking short videos again (avoid installing too old versions as they might not work or could have security issues). Please allow us some time to update our detection algorithms to detect and disable shorts or reels in your favorite app. We’ll notify you via in-app notifications or other communication channels regarding whether the app will be supported again and when. It’s important to understand that without access to the app’s source code, identifying changes and updating the NoScroll app algorithm to block short videos can be challenging. Therefore, we can’t guarantee the continuous support for all apps in the future.

Is the NoScroll app safe? My device shows a security warning due to the accessibility service.

Yes, the NoScroll app is 100% secure and safe to use. The security warning you’re seeing is likely due to the accessibility service required by NoScroll to function properly. This service is necessary for NoScroll to detect and block short videos in supported apps. While accessibility services can sometimes trigger security warnings, rest assured that NoScroll is designed to protect your privacy and data. If you have any concerns, feel free to reach out to us for assistance.

Sweet Words From Users

No Scroll: Transforming Thousands of Lives by Conquering Scrolling Addiction

This app is exactly what I needed! I have been addicted to YouTube Shorts for what feels like forever, but now, I can finally stop! I love how quietly this app works. It never interferes with anything other than Shorts, and sometimes I forget it's there! Although, I would like to not see them in my recommended page, but I still really like how it would automatically stop Shorts from being played, which is already helping. This app is a lifesaver!
I LOVE it. It has helped me get my precious time back, and spend it on things I really like. The premium version is worth the purchase even if it just to support the developers
Miguel De Frutos
this app is really amazing it help me to reduce my data which i usually waste in watching shorts and it also help me to save my time . it offers all this facility free. this app is really amazing❤❤❤❤❤❤
Satya Rajak
I have been thinking several days to minimize shorts scrolling for my child. This app is working very good. Not only helped my child but also me to come out of youtube shorts addiction. I installed this app in all phones in my family..
சங்கத் தமிழ்
Simple Does what it states Blocking shorts and reels. Have provided me mental peace after blocking shorts and reels. Watching them uncontrollably drained my brain. And now I am used to not watching them. If something is bit important to watch then I can get a break from this for 5-15 minutes Great!! : ))
músícly spïrít
Any shorts blocker couldn't be better. This app ofcourse blocks shorts and reels, but also doesn't malfunction. The best thing about this app is, the break feature which enables optional scrolling for 5-15 minutes after a hard day. Props to the devloper and the team
Soumay Singh