How NoScroll Protects Your Privacy?

The Android operating system’s Accessibility Service is a powerful feature that can enhance the functionality of certain apps. However, it’s important to understand that this permission allows apps to read on-screen text and take actions on your behalf. This means that if granted to an untrusted app, it could potentially misuse your personal data.

How to Ensure Your Data is Safe?

The safest way to use apps with Accessibility Service is to download them exclusively from the Google Play Store and thoroughly read their privacy policy. If you find the policy too long, you can ask ChatGPT/Gemini to summarize it for you.

Why Trust Google Play and Privacy Policies?

Google has strict policies and thoroughly tests apps before publishing them on the Play Store. If an app violates any policy, such as by stealing user data, Google removes the app and warns users the same. Such actions severely damage a developer’s reputation and make it difficult for them to publish future apps or get new projects. Legitimate developers like us value our reputation and would never engage in such practices.

Data Protection Policies for Accessibility Service

Google implements several safeguards to protect user data when it comes to apps using Accessibility Service:

  1. Purpose: Google asks for the purpose of using Accessibility Service. If the app’s functionality can be achieved without it, developers are encouraged to use alternative methods.
  2. Data Collection Transparency: Apps using Accessibility Service that connect to the internet are carefully scrutinized. Google requires developers to disclose all data parameters collected by the app in their privacy policy.
  3. Data Deletion: If an app collects personal data, it must provide users with the option to delete their data whenever they want, or it won’t be published on the Play Store.
NoScroll app logo
NoScroll app logo

NoScroll’s Data Collection Policy

  1. No Personally Identifiable Data: NoScroll does not collect any personally identifiable data, thanks to its login-free approach.
  2. Limited Data Collection: Some data is collected for error reporting and analytics, including device information (model, make, screen size, etc.) and an advertising ID for personalized ads (which you can disable in your device settings).

Why NoScroll Needs Accessibility Service and How It Works?

  1. Short Video Detection: NoScroll helps you disable or block short videos on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. To do this, it needs to read your screen and detect when a short video is playing. This is only possible with Accessibility Service permission.
  2. Back Button Simulation: Once a short video player is detected, NoScroll simulates pressing the back button to block the short/reel. It only reads the screen for supported short video platforms.

How NoScroll Uses Accessibility Service

NoScroll uses Accessibility Service for the sole purpose of detecting and blocking shorts & reels on supported platforms. Here’s how it works:

  1. App Detection: NoScroll identifies which app is currently open.
  2. Block List Check: If you are using version 1.3.0 or above, NoScroll checks if the app is on your block list.
  3. Short Video Platform Identification: If the app is not blocked, NoScroll checks if it’s a supported short video platform.
  4. Short Video Player Detection: If it is a supported platform, NoScroll looks for the short video player.
  5. Back Button Simulation: If a short video player is detected, NoScroll simulates pressing the back button to skip the video.

How NoScroll read your screen?

  1. Limited Reading: NoScroll only reads the screen to detect short video players and does not monitor or read any other text.
  2. Anonymous Usage: NoScroll does not require a sign-up/login process, so there is no way to identify you individually.
  3. Validating our claims: You can use network sniffing tools to verify our claims.
  4. No Server: NoScroll does not have its own server, making it impossible for us to collect and store your data.
  5. Limited Network Activity: NoScroll only performs three types of network activities:
    • Fetching initial configuration data to load app configurations dynamically.
    • Fetching and displaying ads from Google/Facebook.
    • Sending anonymous event and error logs to Google Firebase for performance optimization and debugging. These logs include device information, IP address (collected by Google), and performance logs (e.g., “yt_short_blocked,” “app_blocked,” “ig_reel_blocked”, etc) to identify when and how errors occured.

Can NoScroll Read Financial Credentials or My Personal Chats?

  1. No: NoScroll only reads the short video player and does not access any other information.
  2. Android’s Security: Android has built-in security mechanisms that prevent apps using the Accessibility Service from reading sensitive information. (It’s still good practice to grant the Accessibility Service to trusted apps only.)
  3. Our Commitment: We do not and will never read your financial credentials or personal chats we have 0 interest in it.
  4. Revenue Model: NoScroll makes money through ads and by selling a premium version, not by compromising user privacy.

NoScroll Google Play & Privacy Policy links

Download NoScroll from Google Play

NoScroll Privacy Policy


Downloading NoScroll or any other app from the Google Play Store and reading its privacy policy is a good way to ensure your data’s safety. By following these steps, you can enjoy the benefits of apps like NoScroll while maintaining control over your personal information.

I hope this information helps you understand how NoScroll protects your privacy and gives you the confidence to use our app. We are committed to transparency and your data security. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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